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Specialist Advisors

Specialist Advisors
Ineqe Group provide specialist advisors to support clients across six key areas.

ISAS Academy

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The Ineqe Safe & Secure Academy delivers a range of training events including accredited courses.

Schools & Colleges

Online Safety BoxSafe & Secure Schools & Colleges delivers a range of services to help schools.

App Development

App Development BoxWe build commercial, safety & e-learning apps.

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Making Children Safer Belfast

Making Children Safer is designed to keep teachers, social workers, police officers & other safeguarding practitioners who work with young people & social media up to date with current themes, trends & best practice.

Briefing & Skills Development:

  • NCA/CEOP Command: The current threat & combating national & international online child abuse
  • Twitter & Facebook: Safer by Design functions – Safety settings, blocking, reporting & getting help
  • Bullying: What to look for & what to do if you suspect it. Understanding impact both on & offline
  • Plan BEE: Brief | Engage | Empower: Strategies for schools youth clubs, sporting & other children’s organisations
  • Workshop activities: Practical interactive group work & exercises to help children & young people develop safer online practices.

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Social Media Policy Development

Whether your organisation uses social media or not, your staff most certainly will. You should therefore have an ‘Appropriate Use of Social Media policy.’ The development and adoption of such guidelines is the only way to ensure your organisation, brand and staff are protected.

Primary Outcomes:

  • Raises critical awareness for supervisors and key members of staff that they can cascade to the employees about risks to staff and organisational reputation by personal misuse of social media by individuals connected to the organisation.
  • Equip organisations to develop their own, bespoke social media policy.

This course is approved by Queen’s University School of Education (Accumulating 5 CAT Points), Belfast and will be delivered over two sessions on the following dates: 26th and 27th February, 19th and 20th March, 29th and 30th April 2014 (10:00 – 16:00).

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Internet Safety Course

Need to know more about internet safety and how to use social media safely?Email us now

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94% have agreed the Glimpse CSA event met expectations
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