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Specialist Advisors

Specialist Advisors Ineqe Group provide specialist advisors to support clients across six key areas.

ISAS Academy

Academy box The Ineqe Safe & Secure Academy delivers a range of training events including accredited courses.

Schools & Colleges

Online Safety BoxSafe & Secure Schools & Colleges delivers a range of services to help schools.

App Development

App Development BoxWe build commercial, safety & e-learning apps.

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Make Children Safer Conference

Make Children Safer Online: Emerging Threats – Gaming, Sexting, Sextortion.

A briefing & skills development event for child protection professionals.

‘Making Children Safer Online: Emerging Threats’ is designed to keep teachers, social workers, police officers & other safeguarding practitioners who work with children & young people, up to date with current themes, trends & best practice.

  • Gaming: a parent’s perspective – the Breck Bedner case study
  • Grooming and negative influences in the context of gaming
  • Safer Gaming Practices (Industry safer by design approaches)
  • Sexting; identification, engaging children and support pathways
  • Sextortion; supporting victims, seeking help and managing aftercare
  • Workshops; interactive sessions involving discussion and decision making exercises

Locations & Dates:

  • Belfast 4th November 2015
  • London 19th November 2015
  • Birmingham 3rd December 2015

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Safer Social Networking Masterclass

A simple yet innovative approach to facilitate offline learning about online risks.

Jim Gamble QPM and the How to be Safer (h2bsafer) team are hosting a masterclass for teachers, social workers and other child protection professionals in five locations across the UK & Ireland. Jim will brief delegates on contemporary child protection issues including child sexual exploitation, the use of technology and how offenders use the internet.

The second session will introduce delegates to Safer Social Networking Activity Packs (SSNAP). These cards have been designed to enable participants to consider a range of risks associated with the use of social media.

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Social Media Policy Development

Whether your organisation uses social media or not, your staff most certainly will. You should therefore have an ‘Appropriate Use of Social Media policy.’ The development and adoption of such guidelines is the only way to ensure your organisation, brand and staff are protected.

Primary Outcomes:

  • Raises critical awareness for supervisors and key members of staff that they can cascade to the employees about risks to staff and organisational reputation by personal misuse of social media by individuals connected to the organisation.
  • Equip organisations to develop their own, bespoke social media policy.

This course is approved by Queen’s University School of Education (Accumulating 5 CAT Points).Find Out More

Internet Safety Course

Need to know more about internet safety and how to use social media safely?Email us now

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